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Hello visitors to this ancient userpage. I had lost my password to both this account and the email attached to it, but by some miracle of the universe, I finally got back in! I've now moved operations to my WoodyForrest.newgrou nds.com account.

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Well, this page is like an archive of stuff from 2005 - 2006. A lot of it was experimental and strange, I was still trying to figure out my style I suppose. After a rather long hiatus, I had forgotten my passwords to both this account, and several of my email addresses. So I rebooted myself as Woody Forrest (My last name is Underwood... get it? Woody? Hahahaha... oh I'm so clever). You can check out more recent stuff at WoodyForrest.newgrounds.com now, where I've tried to keep songs more on the side of things I think people would actually like to listen to.

Actually, that kind of gives me an idea. I think I'll use this account for the experimental crap that doesn't go anywhere nor would be very popular... I like it!

From now on, the artist formerly known as Narflebeans shall be one of those eclectic songwriters, like those artists who feel like making any kind of money on their work is selling out! Nose held high, with weird ass noises blaring at every ear that I ensnare into my trap (although, I think the song, 'Till Death, is actually the closest example of when my style started to turn into something more... palatable?)!

So there we have it. I do still do voice acting. I may be better known, if known at all from Holy-Howard's "Meet the Spy" as well as more recently as Saddam Hussein and the MuteBlindDeaf kid in Henry Jardim's (deucenine) "Interplanetary Exchange Student". Please check those out, they're very entertaining. Also, check out the very well animated "Superhero Slayers" series by Xennethy. I'll be voicing in the soon coming third installment as well.

/shameless promotion

All that aside, thank you very much to those who came here and enjoyed the evolution of bizarre music found within. There will be more strange stuff to come, I can assure you. But for now, I leave you with:

A delicious waffle. Enjoy!

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