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Interesting... yes... it was interesting. Beyond that though I did find it entertaining, and it was definitely branded with the 'just for fun' seal. Which is exactly what it was. And for that, I commend you. A quote for those that don't 'get it': "There is time in every life for seriousity, but until then... I'M NAKED! *runs into jungle*" -Narflebeans

Very good, I do hope you complete it

That was very intriguing, I like the ideas presented and I think it builds a solid foundation for what I hope will be continued work. One criticism I can think of is in the sound, this is just a little pet peeve I suppose, but when a song seems like its building and then just gets cropped off (I noticed it in the opening street scene transitioning into shadow the hedgehog part) it kind of rips up the mood. Perhaps a slow fade or crossfade, or even a mix into a not-so building up part of the song could remedy the issue. Very nice though, do keep up the work.

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The hell you say...

Hmm. I'll call it tasty and spifflicious.

Beyond that though: I'm not sure about the choppiness thing, seems all well and good to me. I like the organ melody, and the drum reverb adds a nice touch. Very well put together, that's all I can say. Push the creativity... to the max! Rawr!

RyeGuyHead responds:

mmm tasty annd spifficious. Yeah I have no idea what choppiness they are talking about...Creativity!!! WOOHOO!


Hey, good job transcribing all of that. Did you do that all by ear? I've been listening to that particular score alot lately, and this sounded just like it.

It was pretty cool, but it seemed... a bit scarce of something. Maybe adding some variety in the instruments instead of the run of the mill beeps, boops, and bumps could help out with that.

But overall this was a very nice piece or transcribition... is that a word? In any case, nice work. Keep it up.


Is that an MST3K reference in there somewhere (among all the other... stuff)? I do have to say I like the way you think. Anyways, on to the technical things review: I liked the melody you chose, and the overall mix and instruments used. They brought pleasant laid back feel. But I would've liked to hear a little less repitition, it had a catchy melodic line that lends itself to a plethora of alternate supporting lines. The vocals could perhaps be a little less processed, because I didn't actually catch on to what the vocalist was singing until I looked back at the description. Then I was all, 'oooohhhh, I get it. The description makes sense now. sort of.' Overall tho, a cool song with strange references that, well, don't really reference anything in particular(or do they?) and yet are still references... hmm... Coincidence?! I think not!

Shael-Riley responds:

Thank you!

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